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Clinical Hypnotherapy in Melbourne

Mind Motivations & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis 

Our Melbourne Hypnosis Clinic and Hypnosis Training Centre is located at 21 Hall Street - Port Melbourne

If you're seeking clinical hypnosis for any issue, we are Melbournes most well trained and experienced professional hypnosis clinicians and we're here to help you. Our hypnosis therapy programs are guaranteed to deliver the results you want. Our hypnosis isn't a mish mash of counselling and relaxation passed off as hypnosis that often just doesn’t work. We have session programs that can help you with Quitting Smoking, Addictions, Weight Management, Insomnia, Stress, Motivation, Negative Behaviours, Sports Performance and many other Personal Challenges

For professional clinical hypnosis to get the results you want for effective and lasting resolutions

Call now  and discover how we can help you (03) 9681 7773

Rick Collingwood 0420 322763

Marianna Matthews 0413 252049

Matt Whitworth 0467 468466

Rick Collingwood
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