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Hypnosis Training Testimonials

Written student training reviews

I am enjoying the training a lot. I CAN say that I can now hypnotise someone and have many tools to do so. This is exactly what I wanted - - - real skills that can be effectively used. Ricks instruction is concise and easy to understand and follow.

- Paul J Ridden

I would personally like to thank Rick for his empowering hands on training. The training has given me the tools needed to start my journey into being a hypnotherapist. I would recommend any person wishing to start their career in hypnotherapy to attend any of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis trainings.

- Elizabeth Brown

The repetition of principles has helped them sink into memory
Plenty of Question and answer opportunities
Good trainer and class interaction
Encouragement that success is possible with dedication
Back information interesting

- Christine Kift

Rick has skilfully unravelled some of the complexities of hypnosis so that myself and the other students could simply begin. A powerful platform of knowledge and self-discovery, a personal labyrinth for each student. I appreciate Rick’s allegiance to the science and the wealth of knowledge he brings to hypnosis from many many years of his personal contributions to research and data collecting, his passion for hypnosis has helped many people live more fulfilling lives.Rick calls a spade a spade, so leave the pixies and fairy dust behind as he often says. My life is altering from being in ant mode – human doing, to a human being with more insight of how I want to be immersed in life’s wholeness. If you don’t like to be challenged, question your purpose perhaps. If you don’t have a thirst for knowledge, if you can’t embrace success or see the value of failure, or if you can’t feel gratitude? Then I suggest that you stay at home and bake cookies perhaps.

- Christine Richards

An enjoyable and interactive course with generous training information and materials. I look forward to my continuous learning journey and thank Rick for training the future with his gift.

- Nicole Mounsey

The training was very good. Rick knows his stuff and no question was left6 unanswered. It is how Rick states … It is so easy once you stop analysing it, you won’t get over the power that you have. Well done Rick

- Colin Fiorenza

Rick Collingwood’s training has educated, inspired and motivated me. Rick has a wealth of knowledge which he willingly imparts on to his students, encouraging them to learn, practice and build their own confidence through practical exercises. Rick has made a valuable impact on my professional development and career pathway. On a personal note Rick has helped me more than I could ever have expected or imagined. His hypnotherapy has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much.

- Esther Louise Burgess

Rick Collingwood is so knowledgeable in the use of hypnosis, the history, the methods and every student learns in spite of themselves. For a complete functional understanding of usable hypnosis there is no better teacher. Thank Rick, you have enhanced my skills and my ability to help others.

- Joslyn Gardiner

I found the training informative, engaging and extremely useful. It is a very practical and well researched course with extensive length and breadth should you wish to explore the history and current practices. Highly recommended.

- Scott Trenerry

Doing the Diploma has conformed my desire to continue with hypnosis. Rick has presented all of the training in such a wonderful way, that all of the students have been happy to participate. I feel this has been such an important part of my life.

- Wayne Mc Mullen

Rick Collingwood’s hypnosis training is taught in a way that is easy to understand and absorb. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to practice the inductions and undergo hypnosis as well. I enjoyed the training because it was not rushed and because Rick’s teaching style put me at ease, showing me the underlying fundamentals of hypnosis that I had not been taught elsewhere before.

- Lina Mc Geoch

Engaging and informative. Rick is a wealth of information and generous in sharing his knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning, not only hypnosis but also the traditional techniques and methods and mesmerism & fascination. Thank you Rick.

- Alexandra Alexias

Clear learning objectives – Sessions build layers of competence in class. The practical class learning and exercises is much appreciated.

- Ockert Farquharson

Great training, thank you so much. I had great experiences and practicing and all of the information is very useful. I’m looking forward to the Diploma level and reading all of the material by Rick Collingwood. Great Value.

- Natalia Morozoff

Rick is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of hypnosis and Mesmerism. After attending the training you have the confidence to start practising. His no nonsense approach is refreshing within the training arena. Rick is with you all the way and is always encouraging. Demonstrations are also a critical part of the training – You can see and feel that Rick’s passion is hypnosis and Mesmerism.

- Helen Hopgood

Hi Rick - I have been an accredited trainer in the VET system since 2003. I myself have attended Government Approved Training while accessing Vet Fee. To my amazement the Government Accredited course had no tangible real life benefit to me. I have found from my own past experiences that training companies like yourself provide better quality training. I 100% agree with your post,smile emoticon keep doing what your doing.

- B Doust

I have recently completed the second set of training days to upgrade my certificate to the Diploma of Hypnosis. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am that I did. I now feel confident that I can effectively practice therapeutic hypnosis and illicit positive change in clients. As a professional educator I was amazed at how effectively Rick was able to impart his wealth of knowledge in such a relaxed and casual manner. He is able to challenge students to consider a range of techniques, and to develop a style which is unique to their own strengths and interests. He is thoroughly entertaining, consistently captivating your imagination and challenging you to explore your own potential.

Rick's years of experience and proficiency as a clinician are evident in the regularity and spontaneity of his demonstrations and in the depth and breadth of knowledge that he exhibits during his explanations. You can't help but be impressed. I would thoroughly recommend this training to anyone who is serious about a career in hypnosis.

- Adam Burke

Hi Rick I really enjoyed learning from you. I have been using some of the induction techniques & have been much more confident & successful at inducing & understanding hypnosis. I'm becoming more & more fascinated by Mesmerism & am finding the 10 minute training distorts into a much shorter time as measured by my iphone alarm. After a week of sitting back & analysing the course, I consider this to be terrific value & I particularly enjoyed your down to earth style. I will recommend you wherever possible. Like all true teachers, you stimulated my desire to learn much more. It's a great thing that you do, Rick. I look forward to helping more people using the techniques that you taught & are teaching me & hope that you gain immense satisfaction from what you do. It's wonderful! Cheers.

- Bob Lane

One of the best and most informative trainings I have ever encountered.

- Graham Jamieson

Thank You! I've been given excellent and effective techniques and ideas to enhance my prevous trainings. I like the idea of changing easily and not being stuck in only one way to bring about hypnosis. "Out of the mud and into the clear water." Many Thanks.

- Lorraine Dowson

If you want to learn how to hypnotise someone? The only person to teach you is Rick Collingwood, in Australia.

- Annmaree Varelas

Rick has a unique abilty to hold a room full of students attention while balancing a teaching method to fill a broad personality style. Ricks teaching methods are highly practical and varied. I give Rick a gargantuion recomendation for his training and can see the benefits for novices up to people who have studied the hypnotic arts for years.

- Lance Baker

Life is short. Stop wasting time doing lengthy convoltued trainings with minimal impact. Train with Rick and "Get on with it".

- Thea Maidens

Hi. My name is Chris Gibson. I am Rick Collingwood trained, but Rick’s skills and trainings do not need my testimonial. They very much speak for themselves. What I need to relate to you is a conversation that Rick and I had recently. Rick told me that he was so concerned with the increasing charlatan element in hypnosis training, that he was thinking about walking away, selling the Academy and living on a beach. “Don’t get me wrong,” he said, “Hypnosis has been good to me. I’m just frustrated by what I see happening within the profession.” I pled for Rick to reconsider. In response, I got this notification of the Certificate of Hypnotism Training course, saving students more than $1500.

- Chris Gibson

Hi Rick. I just wanted to say the DVDs and the training manuals are excellent - I learn't more watching just one of your training DVDs than I did on my 12 month diploma course. A bit of a worry!! I'm really looking forward to the 5 day Sydney course. I just wanted to ask also - how many people on the actual 5 day course. I have never been hypnotised although I have done several hypno workshops as well as the one year course, so I was wondering what the chances of actually getting work with you would be. It is something I would dearly like to experience especially as I am using it with clients. Figure - if you don't ask - you will never know!!! Am very passionate about hypnotherapy and helping others … and becoming the best practitioner possible.

- Neil

I recently completed a gov't accredited Cert IV, and while the theory side of things was great, the practical side was not, and I walked away lacking the ability to hypnotise. I felt hamstrung! Then I met Rick Collingwood, I did a course with him at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis, saw and experienced real hypnosis first hand, and walked away confident I could do it too.

Within a week I had hypnotised my family. Within 2 weeks I was hypnotising friends. Weeks later, my stepdad is still responding to the direct suggestions I gave him in what was my first attempt at real hypnosis. It works! I’m looking forward to further study with him, and if you really want to learn hypnosis, I suggest you learn it from Rick. 

- Cahn Forrest

Hi Rick,

When I first experienced your training style I was perturbed by the informal discussion, demonstration, and practice format that you use. I was used to a more formal structure in class. Instead of acting on my urge to object, I just thought I'd immerse myself and absorb as much as I could about what you know and what you do. It worked. I finally get hypnosis and I’m finally a real hypnotist! I’m now much more confident. I used the Eye Lock last night on an old client and it worked just as you taught me it would. It’s a breakthrough for client and therapist.

I have found that people promise a lot in their trainings but when you actually get down to tin tacks you don't hear the full truth. Very few trainers will commit to other people's real success as you have done. You delivered. Thank you for being genuine

- Mike Welsh

I am looking forward to the training in Las Vegas in March. I admire the work and sensibility of Mr. Collingwood. His revival of the forgotten mesmerists is to be commended, and the more scientific and respectful approach to this powerful therapeutic skill is a refreshing departure from the Las Vegas naughty hypnotist shows.

- Jeff Morgan - US Hypnosis Training