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Choosing Your Academy

Learn Real Hypnosis From the Best There Is!

The academy began in Brisbane as The Queensland Hypnosis Academy in 1993 and became The Australian Academy of Hypnosis in 1996. Now we are Australia's longest established "Same Owner" hypnosis training institution. We train Traditional Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Ericksonian Hypnosis and explain the realities of the hybrids of hypnosis such as NLP and Conversational hypnosis.  We have never been involved in any of the VET fee scandal currently in the media about some of the so called RTOs. Our training isn't a mish mash of theory and our fees are about 1/3rd of what many institutions charge. YOU WILL learn how to hypnotise in a practical sense.

During the past 20+ years we've taught more than 2500 students, among them are many of Australia's most successful clinical hypnotherapists. We've earned a reputation of professionalism and respect and our training is recognised by all of the major hypnosis associations in Australia and The Academy is an accredited training institution with the peak body for hypnosis in Australia; The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA)

If You Pay More Than $6000 for Hypnosis or NLP Training -  Well Sorry But We Think You're Being Ripped Off

A Few Examples Of What You Can Expect To Learn From The Australian Academy of Hypnosis...

If you want to learn hypnosis for whatever reason, understand that although there are good hypnosis training instituitions in every country not all hypnosis and hypnosis training is the same. There are many styles and uses for this unique skill. However it can cost a lot of money to sometimes learn very few practical skills; so there are some important things you should know and consider before you choose any hypnosis training institution. Some of them are listed below.

Not all hypnosis is the same

There are various modalities that claim all kinds of instant subconscious miracles and many claim their roots in, or claim to be a better version of hypnosis. Closer investigation usually reveals that these so called revolutionary techniques are no more than some aspect of conventional hypnosis.

Some of the Pseudo Hypnosis techniques on offer are

Street Hypnosis a new fad where students are taught to do so called hypno attacks in public over a 3 day period, this is stupid, it could be dangerous, is a complete waste of money and not recognised by any hypnosis association. It takes a lot longer than 3 days to learn how to be a good hypnotist.

Hypnosis Without Trance an absolute contradiction in terms if ever there was one, not recognised by any significant hypnosis associations and has some aspects of NLP and Conversational Hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis another version based on Milton Erickson sub conscious persuasion techniques, not real hypnosis at all and not recognized by any hypnosis association.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), or the so called study of human excellence and behaviour. NLP training organisations often promise to give the student a Master Practitioner in NLP and a Master Hypnotist accolade after 3 to 6 days training. Any therapeutic training that promises to make you a master in a week, a month, or even a year is dubious, so be careful that you don't part with $6000 to $10,000 to find that out the expensive way. NLP is often touted as hypnosis but it is distinctly different.

Ericksonian Hypnosis which is a very ambiguous modality named after the American Psychiatrist Milton Erickson. Ericksonian hypnosis involves a lot of indirect methods and the use of metaphor more so than suggestion. Consider what you want to do with what you learn before you make your choice.

Government Accredited Training. All that Government Accredited training really means is that the structure of the training falls into Government compliance, it has nothing to do with the skills, the knowledge, or practical experience of the subject being taught; it is about the business of education so to speak. Any student can only learn as much as what the teacher really knows and can do in the real world.

Some hypnosis training institutions in Australia might tell you that you must have a Government Accredited Certificate IV or a Government Accredited Diploma to practice as a clinical hypnotherapist. This is absolutely not true. The truth is that so called "Govt Accredited Training" is usually expensive and theoretically inclined. It comprises of a lot of theory and is often taught by individuals who have very little practical experience with hypnosis so before you commit to any training make sure that any potential hypnosis trainer isn't just going prattle on about theory and that they can actually hypnotise you. You can't learn to drive a car by reading a book about driving a car - and you can't learn to be a hypnotist by reading books and listening to lectures either.

Three Day Accredited Hypnotist Training. Beware of the lure from some institutions that offer to train you to become an accredited hypnotherapist in just three days. The first thing you should ask is "Accredited by whom" and you will discover that it is a self accreditation that means very little outside of the institution offering the training. The simple truth is that you cannot master hypnosis in just three days.

Certified Hypnotherapist. There are some practitioners who proclaim that they are a Certified Hypnotherapist. The Certification is not relevant to anything except the institution that issued the accolade. As far the effectiveness of the hypnotherapist is concerned, that will be directly relevant to their own skills and not the piece of paper that hangs on their wall.

The practice of hypnosis is self regulated in all states and territories of Australia by various hypnosis associations and the state and federal governments do not officially recognise any hypnosis training from any training institution. Govt accredited training follows an academic framework and the curriculum is decided and approved by individuals who probably know less about hypnosis than you do. It often just means you pay a lot more money to learn a lot of things that have nothing to do with hypnosis.

Government accredited training costs considerably more than non accredited training; the training is very academically structured and much more theoretical than practical. Considering that hypnosis is induced by practical application The Australian Academy of Hypnosis focus's upon teaching the methods in a practical fashion. We Train Hypnotists. Any person interested in learning hypnosis should ensure the training they choose has a lot of supervised practical training in how to actually induce hypnosis.

Do You Want To Learn Theory or Do You Want To Learn Practical Hypnosis?

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™ trains practical fundamental hypnosis to be used for therapeutic purposes; we are more interested in ensuring you become an excellent and proficient hypnotist than filling your head with theories.

(Photo) Rick Collingwood lights a candle on a visit to the Monument and Grave of Franz Anton Mesmer in Meersburg Germany July 2009

Our Students Learn To Become Hypnotists

The Training Materials Include

1. Academy Training Videos, featuring three actual in clinic full hypnosis sessions and eight instant and rapid inductions all explained and demonstrated. Plus optional access into the academy's huge Students On Line Training and Resource Centre at www.globalhypnosisacademy.com.
2. Four large, professionally presented, training manuals containing all the vital information you need to know, including an accurate hypnosis of hypnosis and full texts for more than twenty different hypnotic inductions.
3. Training text books
4. All self assessments and examination markings.
5. Telephone & Email help.

Once You've Completed Your Certificate Training You Have the Following Benefits

1. Regular On Going Monthly Training.
2. Optional access into our online hypnosis training academy resource centre at www.globalhypnosisacademy.com which features: Free hypnosis ebooks, free hypnosis training DVDs, free training lectures, regular live on line training classes, professional mentoring, telephone training and Q&A access, student forums, free scripts, and much more.
3. Access to Join State and National Hypnosis Associations
4. Access to Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Before You Choose an Academy Ask Yourself Five Important Questions

Question 1. Does the academy have a training history?

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™ has been training hypnotists since 1996.

Question 2. Do the trainers have a passion for hypnosis? Are they well known and respected in their field? Have they had "Hands On Experience" in all aspects of hypnosis?

Question 3. Does the training curriculum contain a significant amount of actual supervised inductions with the student being the hypnotist and also the hypnotic subject?

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis training is practical hypnosis induction training. Hypnosis is learned by doing hypnosis.

Question 4. Can or will your trainer hypnotise you. Not just relax you, but hypnotise you. There is a big difference?

Its disconcerting how many hypnosis trainers Can't or Won't demonstrate the skills and expertise required to induce true hypnosis or an effective instant or rapid induction. This doesn't allude to very much hypnotic expertise so their training may create only average hypnotists.

A Simple Test

There is much more to hypnosis than relaxation and imagery. Ask a potential trainer to hypnotise you? If they will not or cannot, then its only sensible that you look elsewhere. The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™ trainers have no objection to inducing hypnosis in any potential student before they commit to our training.

Question 5. Is the training organisation Australian or International?

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™ is both.