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5 Day Certificate of Hypnotism (Value!)

Welcome - This Page is for Sydney & Brisbane 5 Day trainings 

For Melbourne Certificate and Diploma "In Academy" trainings Please (Click here)

Learn With Rick Collingwood

The World’s Premier Hypnosis Trainer

Begin As Soon As You Enrol

Then Complete Your Practical Training On The Dates Below

Sydney 2018 Dates To Be Advised from $997
 The Crows Nest Centre - 2 Ernest Place Crows Nest Sydney -  Ph 02 9439 5122
Brisbane 2018 Dates To Be Advised from $997
Grand Chancellor Hotel - 23 Leichhardt Street (cnr Wickham Terrace) Brisbane Ph 07 38314005
Classes Are Small - Places Fill Fast - Don't Miss Your Chance
 There's No Point In Putting It Off
You Begin Your Training From The Day You Register
Don't Be Fooled By Other Slick Marketing with Upsells
We Are Australia's Longest Established Hypnosis Academy
You'll save thousands of dollars and you'll learn practical hypnosis skills
Here’s what you'll get…
  • Five full days of the world’s best practical hypnosis training for the Certificate of Hypnotism training $897. At the completion of the five  day Certificate you will be able to confidently hypnotise people quickly or slowly. Or you can complete Ten full days of practical training plus home study for a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis for only $2700.
  • Permanent Free Access into Academy's huge student online training and resource centre.
  • Authentic Academy Training Manuals and lots of extracurricular information.
  • Copies of the inductions I use in clinic and in training rooms.
  • An opportunity to complete a second five days practical training and upgrade to a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis.

Here’s what you'll learn...

  • How to hypnotise anyone with Real Hypnosis.
  • Instant and Rapid Therapeutic inductions.
  • Therapeutic hypnosis (hypnotherapy).
  • The limitations of NLP as a singular modality.
  • Combining Conventional Hypnosis with NLP?
  • Using Conversational Hypnosis Effectively.
  • How to integrate Hypnosis and NLP to get real results.
  • Mesmerism and Energetic Hypnosis.
  • And Much More…
Why So Cheap?
My students ask, “What’s the catch, Rick?” My colleagues say it’s too cheap!
My colleagues are right. It is too cheap… but there’s no catch!!! 
However - There Is A Reason
Most hypnosis training is way too overpriced and 99% focused on Ericksonian theory or NLP. During the past 25 years my ideal has always been to ensure that my students gain the skills of practical hypnosis induction competence and develop the confidence needed to become an effective hypnotist/hypnotherapist. I meet and re-train too many people who have paid extraordinary amounts of money; but who are neither effective nor masterly at hypnosis or NLP no matter what their upsold or over priced accolade might say.
Our training IS NOT Government accredited. WHY? Because since national de regulation so called Govt Accreditation to practice hypnosis/hypnotherapy is absolutely not necessary. Any institution who tells you that you must have a Cert IV or that hypnosis will soon re regulate is either incorrect or lying.
The Australian Academy of Hypnosis is one of the longest standing hypnosis training institutions in Australia. We're not an RTO. We focus on training our students in affordable effective practical hypnosis methods; not over priced academic theory, clever word play, or relaxtion. I'll facilitate my 25 years of real world experience to ensure that you can really hypnotise real people in the real world.
Before You Commit To Any Hypnosis Training
Make Sure Your Getting Practical Training - Hypnosis Isn't About Theory
Theoretical Knowledge Counts For Little
Choose A Trainer With Decades of Real World Experience
Not All Hypnosis Training Is The Same!
Don't Be Fooled and Pay Too Much for What May Be Very Little
You Don't Need To Pay $4000, $5000, $8000, $10,000, $15000 or more for your hypnosis qualification.
I Guarantee I'll Give You Better Hypnosis Skills For Much Less!!!
Starting from only $897 - The practical aspect of this training will teach you how to competently and correctly hypnotise other people and it can be used towards a higher academy qualification. You can upgrade the $897 training to a full Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by attending a further six days of practical training and undertaking further studies, beginning on line immediately after the acceptance of your registration. The Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis option requires a further six days of practical training, an open book examination, five self assessments and various other self paced study after the initial five days. The Diploma training upgrade can be chosen upon initial registration for a discounted fee of only $2500, or $2700 after registration.
If you register after the initial five day training commences the additional fee to upgrade the Certificate of Hypnotism to the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis is $1803 = $2700 in total. Alternatively you can save $200 by immediately registering for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and paying the full fee of $2500. Registration for the $897 Certificate of Hypnotism can be done right now with credit card via the secure paypal links below. If you want to register for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis payment must be made by bank transfer as per the account details on the application form.
To check remaining positions for a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis upgrade please phone Rick Collingwood on 0420 322 763.
This discounted Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis offer is only available for training conducted in Sydney and Brisbane. It specifically DOES NOT apply to any Melbourne or Perth academy trainings.
Hypnosis has been my passion since I was 12 years old, and my profession for almost a quarter of a century. I've learned and trained the art all over the world. I know that there are no shortcuts and that you can't buy your way to becoming a so called hypnosis Master no matter how much you pay.
Despite the hype and often silly claims! So far as hypnosis is concerned, there is really Nothing New Under The Sun. There are just people who can do and train hypnosis and NLP properly and others who can’t. However anybody can learn the techniques if a trainer has the knowledge skills and experience to teach them. 
Make no mistake. Hypnosis and NLP are both very powerful skillsets, But both methodologies are not the same and both are often over hyped and often misunderstood. There's more to being an effective hypnotist than just knowing the theories or some clever word patterns. The reality is that your choice of trainer is the most important decision you’ll make in being able to learn and utilise any true hypnosis skills. Rick Collingwood is one of the best hypnosis trainers in the world.
Who Should Attend?
  • Any adult who wants to learn the practical realities of inducing hypnosis.
  • Coaches and Counsellors
  • Practising Clinical Hypnotherapists and Coaches desirous of enhancing their skill set.
  • NLP Practitioners and students looking to up skill their trance-work to clinical standard.
  • Existing Academy Students.
  • Unsatisfied Students from any other Hypnosis Training.
  • NLP Masters who wanted to learn practical hypnosis skills but didn’t.

Why Put This Off ?

  • You Can Become A confident and Capable Clinical Hypnotist - This is the missing link - The training IS NOT relaxotherapy.
  • Places are strictly limited for good reason. This won't be a packed class lost in hype and Ra Ra intent on upselling you into something apparently much better.
  • The interstate trainings have limited places and significantly reduced fees. 
  • If you’re interested in learning how to induce real hypnosis, interested in self-development, or in helping others? - Procrastination should not be an option!!!

Download Application Form Here

If you are enroling for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis you cannot use the PayPal link below. Fees must be paid into the academies bank account. The account details are as follows

Bank - Commonwealth

Account Name - Mind Motivations

BSB: 064-012

A/C No - 10131014

To Register for the $897 Certificate of Hypnotism - Click Box Below

To Register for the $2500 Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis - Click Box Below

Rick told me that he was so concerned with the increasing charlatan element in hypnosis training, that he was thinking about walking away, selling the Academy and living on a beach. “Don’t get me wrong,” he said, “Hypnosis has been good to me. I’m just frustrated by what I see happening within the profession.” I pled for Rick to reconsider. In response, I got this notification of the Certificate of Hypnotism Training course, saving students more than $1500.
Hi Rick. When I first experienced your training style I was perturbed by the informal discussion, demonstration, and practice format that you use. I was used to a more formal structure in class. Instead of acting on my urge to object, I just thought I'd immerse myself and absorb as much as I could about what you know and what you do. It worked. I finally get hypnosis and I’m finally a real hypnotist!
I’m now much more confident. I used the Eye Lock last night on an old client and it worked just as you taught me it would. It’s a breakthrough for client and therapist. I have found that people promise a lot in their trainings but when you actually get down to tin tacks you don't hear the full truth. Very few trainers will commit to other people's real success as you have done. You delivered. Thank you for being genuine. Mike Welsh.
I recently completed a Gov't accredited Cert IV hypnosis training and while the theory side of things was great, the practical side was not and I walked away lacking the ability to hypnotise. I felt hamstrung! Then I met Rick Collingwood, I did a course with him at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis, saw and experienced real hypnosis first hand, and walked away confident I could do it too. 
Within a week I had hypnotised my family. Within 2 weeks I was hypnotising friends. Weeks later, my stepdad is still responding to the direct suggestions I gave him in what was my first attempt at real hypnosis. It works! I’m looking forward to further study with Rick, and if you really want to learn hypnosis, I suggest you learn it from him. Cahn Forrest
Hi Rick. I just wanted to say the DVDs and the training manuals are excellent - I learnt more watching just one of your training DVDs than I did on my 12 month diploma course at the other school. I'm really looking forward to the 5 day Sydney course. I am passionate about hypnotherapy, helping others and becoming the best hypnotist possible.
Regards. Neil
Life is short. Stop wasting time doing lengthy convoltued trainings with minimal impact. Train with Rick and "Get on with it". Thea Maidens
Rick has a unique abilty to hold a room full of students attention while balancing a teaching method to fill a broad personality style. Ricks teaching methods are highly practical and varied. I give Rick a gargantuion recomendation for his training and can see the benefits for novices up to people who have studied the hypnotic arts for years. Lance Baker
If you want to learn how to hypnotise someone? The only person to teach you is Rick Collingwood, in Australia. Annmaree Varelas
Thank You! I've been given excellent and effective techniques and ideas to enhance my prevous trainings. I like the idea of changing easily and not being stuck in only one way to bring about hypnosis. "Out of the mud and into the clear water." Many Thanks. Lorraine Dowson 
One of the best and most informative trainings I have ever encountered. Graham Jamieson
Hi Rick I really enjoyed learning from you. I have been using some of the induction techniques & have been much more confident & successful at inducing & understanding hypnosis. I'm becoming more & more fascinated by Mesmerism & am finding the 10 minute training distorts into a much shorter time as measured by my iphone alarm. 
After a week of sitting back & analysing the course, I consider this to be terrific value & I particularly enjoyed your down to earth style. I will recommend you wherever possible. Like all true teachers, you stimulated my desire to learn much more. It's a great thing that you do, Rick. I look forward to helping more people using the techniques that you taught & are teaching me & hope that you gain immense satisfaction from what you do. It's wonderful! Cheers Bob Lane
I have recently completed the second set of training days to upgrade my certificate to the Diploma of Hypnosis. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am that I did. I now feel confident that I can effectively practice therapeutic hypnosis and illicit positive change in clients. As a professional educator I was amazed at how effectively Rick was able to impart his wealth of knowledge in such a relaxed and casual manner. He is able to challenge students to consider a range of techniques, and to develop a style which is unique to their own strengths and interests. He is thoroughly entertaining, consistently captivating your imagination and challenging you to explore your own potential.
Rick's years of experience and proficiency as a clinician are evident in the regularity and spontaneity of his demonstrations and in the depth and breadth of knowledge that he exhibits during his explanations. You can't help but be impressed. I would thoroughly recommend this training to anyone who is serious about a career in hypnosis. Adam Burke
Hi Rick - I have been an accredited trainer in the VET system since 2003. I myself have attended Government Approved Training while accessing Vet Fee. To my amazement the Government Accredited course had no tangible real life benefit to me. I have found from my own past experiences that training companies like yourself provide better quality training. I 100% agree with your post,smile emoticon keep doing what your doing. B Doust
Brisbane students March 2015 Sydney students March 2015
Sorry This Training Is Not Available To Trainers From Any Other Hypnosis Training Institutions
You can register immediately for either the $897 "Certificate of Hypnotism" and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis" trainings and pay with your credit via the PayPal links above. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer the academies bank account details are on the downloadable application form.
Once you have made any payment, please complete the application form and email it to Rick Collingwood at rickcollingwoodhypnosis@gmail.com to receive your confirmation letter, e-manuals, access to the Academies on line Student Training and Resource Centre and further information.

For further Information and Enquiries Please Phone The Training Co ordinator

Marianna Matthews 0413 252049

Email - marianna@hypnowellness.com.au

or Rick Collingwood 0420 322763  

Email - rickcollingwoodhypnosis@gmail.com

Hypnotism group students

Sydney 5 Day Cert of Hypnotism Mar & Aug 2017

Conducted in Sydney, the course includes three days of Hypnosis Induction Training and two days of Mesmerism & Hypnotic Fascination Training with Rick Collingwood.

Brisbane group

Brisbane 5 Day Cert of Hypnotism Mar & Aug 2017

The five day Certificate of Hypnotism training in Brisbane is conducted by Rick Collingwood and comprises three days of Hypnosis Induction Training and two days of Mesmerism & Hypnotic Fascination training.