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Hypnosis Sessions with Rick Collingwood

Rick Collingwood

Hypnosis Sessions and Therapy Programs with Rick Collingwood

Correctly applied hypnosis is probably the most effective personal change method available. However not all hypnosis is the same and not all hypnotherapists have 25 years of international experience and neither are many trained in all of various styles that make a good clinical hypnotist absolutely effective.

If you need help with any personal issue, habit, or challenge you can book a single session or a five session program with Rick Collingwood either in person or via skype. I'm one of the world’s leading clinical hypnotists and I have been helping people with hypnosis for more than twenty five years. All sessions are conducted in our modern comfortable Melbourne Hypnosis Clinic.

I Look Forward To Hearing From You!!!

To find out fees or more information please phone me on 0420 322763 or email rickcollingwoodhypnosis@gmail.com

"I have lost 23 kilos of excess fat, I have completely quit 18 years of smoking 25 cigarettes a day ( 14 weeks now ) and I feel happy and balanced. I thank you eternally Dr Collingwood, you have given me my life back."

- Andrew W., Adelaide S A