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Rick Collingwood
Mesmerism derived its name from the German doctor Franz Anton Mesmer. Although Mesmer was discredited as a quack by his peers during his time. Although the two methods are different in application and purpose, without Mesmerism modern hypnosis might never have existed. Mesmerism and Magnetism are not traditional hypnosis.
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History of Mesmerism & the Beginnings of Hypnosis
An accurate essay on the life and times of Franz Anton Mesmer and his discovery and development of Animal Magnetism.
Using Rick’s Hypnosis MP3s
The awareness of therapeutic hypnosis is on its rise and many people are discovering the power of self-hypnosis MP3s. They have the potential to eliminate unwanted habits, and can assist people to program their desired outlook and behavior in a convenient way. Technology has now developed to the point where you can simply download these MP3s in few minutes
The Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis
Hypnosis induces a person into a trance with the help of techniques which are clinically proven to be effective to help people make changes; more easily shrug off unwanted habits, and cure many Psycho Somatic conditions. When a person is hypnotized, the therapist is given an opportunity to tap into the person’s subconscious mind and give positive suggestions to correct a psyche disorder.
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Hypnosis and Stress Management
Most people have some level of stress daily and we each have our own way of handling that stress. There are many situations that can make our lives stressful such as a death, divorce, illness, job loss and various other difficult situations.
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Hypnosis for Pain Management
Hypnosis is a state with certain physiological attributes resembling sleep at a superficial level and it is marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than an ordinary conscious state.
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Hypnosis in The 20th Century and Beyond
Hypnosis has been proven to very beneficiary in medical practices. In the 20th century, after the breakthroughs of the 19th century, when hypnosis was freed from its mesmerist trappings and accepted as a mainstream medical technique, its story for the first part of the 20th century can seem rather dull.
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NLP & Hypnosis: There is a Difference
NLP vs Hypnosis. In this article many of the claims and myths of NLP are compared to the scientifically proven and recognised benefits of hypnosis.
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Resources and Free Stuff
A free generic EBook PDF of the James Allen's classic: 'As A Man Thinketh'.
Different States of the Mind
Understanding how the human mind works at diferent frequency levels of Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta. The roles of the conscious & subconscious minds and some tips to lower your state of mind.
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