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If you are interested in Hypnosis or if you want to improve your life with award winning time tested hypnotherapy programs, you’re at the right place? I’m one of the world’s premier clinical hypnotists and I’ve helped more than a million people get what they want and achieve their goals. This website offers you immediate access to my award winning personal Self Development and Self Improvement MP3 programs, Children’s Sleep Stories and my Tailored Personalized MP3 programs.

If you want to learn hypnosis you can find all of our courses and upcoming training dates here. Whatever style suits you, home learning or in class, you’ll learn all of the aspects of the various types of hypnosis and how to use them. You can also find hypnosis and other articles here, download complimentary hypnosis EBooks here, enjoy a free hypnosis session here, find interesting mind tests here, or a hypnotherapy practitioner in Australia, the USA or the UK.

Right now you have immediate access to my time tested award winning personal hypnotherapy MP3's, full one hour sessions, or my Neuro Sync fast ten minute power hypnosis sessions; my Naturally Hypnotic relaxation music series, Children’s Sleeps Stories, and Tania Cotterell’s Women's and Children's Series.